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From : Kirsi, on 10-Jan-2016

Is it possible to come and learn for 1 month? I have no experience on indian dance, except few classes of kathak. If yes, how much is the fee?

From : meena, on 10-Feb-2010
Wow...amazing nice one .....add more new pictures of ur programs...

From : Kavitha Mohan, on 26-Sep-2009
Dear Teacher,
It was just out of curiosity that I searched through google to see whether there exist any details about Nrityalaya, and to my surprise I found you, Aswathy and beautiful dance mandir, though I had only very little opportunity to dance over there.

During our times dance classes were mostly in Meeraunty's house near Thali temple. I still cherish the good old memories I had. The long 10 years of dance classes stay a memorable part of my life which will never come again in my life. Mummy, me, Vasantyaunty, swapna, Seema, Baby, Bindu are ready by 4 in the evening, during those two days of the weeks. When I Iook back, the precious moments we all had together, and the professional coaching we obtaind from Teacher is something I cant give my daughter now. I thank my parents though they are not in this world for giving me such prestigeous opportunities in life and such good memories to ponder.

Thanks a lot for everything teacher for moulding me.

Yours lovingly,

Daughter of Sabida Mohan (late)
Nakkady Mohan (late)

From : Suvarna Pappu, on 21-Apr-2009
It was indeed a pleasure to watch Sri. Srikanth and Smt. Aswathy Srikanth perform at the Cleveland Thyagaraja Aradhana - 2009 festival.

Particularly the item "Radha Sametha Krishna" by Sri. Srikanth and Swathi Tirunal's composition - Item on Goddess Parvathi by Smt. Aswathy were my favorites.

I also enjoyed the choreography of both for the children who participated in the workshop and truely enjoyed the Kavadichand.

With the vigor that Srikanth brings to the stage and the grace and expressiveness with which Aswathy compliments it makes them a wonderful dancing duo.

Hoping to see a Lasya - Thandavam in a future performance.

Best Wishes
Suvarna Pappu.

From : rukmini devi, on 27-Jul-2008
dear teacher
wishing u all success to reach the path of glory..
i really miss my dance class and my teacher