Nrityalaya - School for Classical Dance and Music Nrityalaya - School for Classical Dance and Music, Kozhikode

Courses Offered

The name Nrityalya for the school came from Dr.Padma Subrahmanyam. She blessed it to grow as a sister institution to her own "Nrithyodaya".

The school has expanded its horizon to teaching the following art forms:

  1. Bharatanatyam
  2. Mohiniyattom
  3. Kuchipudi
  4. Carnatic music - vocal

We generally advocate that a child be at least 5 years old before beginning lessons in dance and music. This considerably simplifies the communication between t he teacher and the taught.

All the four concern are each of 4 year duration. There is a facility for completing Bharatanatyam and Mohiniyattom togather as an option. Courseware includes both theory and practical. Practical also includes a "Margam" (a comprehensive repertoire of reusable techniques) for easier absorption by the students. Apart from regular classes, extensive additional training is also provided for each student during the final year. They also have the privilege of initiating the "Ranga Pravesa" (Debut performance) under the auspices of the school. In completion of the course they will be awarded their certificates due.

In the case of Kuchipudi students, the school is of the firm view that the student should have grasp of the rudiments of Natya Sasthra even before the student enrolls for the actual training for best results.

Advanced training

Professional dancers and dance teachers are given training in specialized areas like Choreography, Nattuvangam, Thalam structure and Natya Sastra.

Dress Code

Western wear is not permitted in class at any time. Those who are doing advanced courses are advised to wear practice saris. Students of four year duration courses (basic course) have the salwar-Kameez in maroon and yellow as their dress code.


Every year a small number of scholarships are offered to talented but financially ill equipped students wishing to expand their dance horizons. They get full fee exemption for all the four years up to their "Ranga prevesa" (Debut performance)


Currently two types of annual prizes are awarded :

  1. For the student with highest attendance average.
  2. For the best performer in a class


Staff and students are encouraged to perform in shows conducted under the auspices of "Nrityalaya" for greater hands-on experience.


School has one teacher for music and three teachers in the dance section. Director herself is available, in addition.

Of course, in art forms, the student shapes, based on Gurus/Teachers. The greatest assets for Nrityalaya is the world class quality of its teachers.

Advanced courses and senior classes are handled by

The director herself.
Her daughter Aswathy.
Son-in-law Srikhanth.

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