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N. Srikanth tours Singapore

On 1st June, 2015

N. Srikanth tours Singapore – from 1st to 10th of June.

N.Srikanth tours Singapore

On 4th June, 2014

N.Srikanth tours Singapore

from 4th June to 10th June , 2014

N.Srikanth tours Singapore

On 18th June, 2013

N.Srikanth tours Singapore for workshops, from 18th June to 23rd June.

Singapore tours – N.Srikanth

On 24th February, 2012

February 24th to March 5th 2012 – N.Srikanth tours Singapore.

Performance for SIFAS – Singapore – March 20th 2009

On 1st April, 2009

N.Srikanth and Aswathy Srikanth performed at the famed Esplanade Theatre , Singapore , as part of the Annual SIFAS Festival on 20th March 2009. The poems of Mahakavi Subramanya Bharati were performed in Bharatanatyam style in 3 formats, solo, group and dance drama. Smt Roja Kannan and Smt Priya Murle were also part of the production.
Performance for SIFAS, See the review